Mosa Retro

Mosa Retro

Product Category: Ceramic
Product Code : FS-30108
Product Name : Mosa Retro
Size :  30 x 30 cm
Piece/Box : 9
M²/Box : 0,81 (* There is 0,81 m² in box.)
Kg/Box : 15,2

Price Category :  S1-2

*There are 4 different tile-face in a box.
*The unit price is for 1 box.
Your order will be delivered to you by the contracted cargo company within 3 working days. The orders placed before 12.00 on weekdays and 10.00 on Saturday will be shipped on the same day. The orders placed on Sunday will be shipped on Monday.
Usage Areas: Kitchen, Hotel, Restaurant, Sports Complex, Office, Social Builts
Application: Wall, Decorative Surface, Interior
Product Code: FS-30108
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